Humanities route

Enquiry and debate (all subjects)
Human rights (all subjects)
Voting and voice (Citizenship)
Collecting evidence & ideas (History)
How did Mandela fight apartheid? (History)
Picturing the past (History)
Map of South Africa (Geography)
The power of words (Citizenship, Politics)
London landmarks (all subjects)

Essential resources for all routes:

Exhibition Floorplan: Use this to plan teaching and student tasks in the exhibition
Teaching and learning with sensitive histories: Considerations, tips and approaches
Introduction to Mandela presentation: Use this before visiting to prepare students, or students could adapt it with their own visit findings to present to others. Download the teaching notes here.
The timeline: Use this to support a range of preparation activities, and as a key information source
Map of South Africa: An essential contextual resource
My glossary: Use this before or during the exhibition for learning around key concepts
London landmarks: A guide to key locations associated with Mandela and the anti-apartheid struggle in London
Further resources: Use this to support your own planning or students’ research