Resources for Teachers

Here is a wealth of resources for teachers planning a visit to Nelson Mandela: The Official Exhibition.

These resources support the exhibition by focusing on Nelson Mandela (also called Madiba) and his life, and encourage response to its poignant displays and unique artefacts.

They also extend beyond the exhibition so that you can fill gaps in students’ knowledge, connect with their contemporary experiences and interests, and make links with the history of the Freedom Struggle in London.

Each resource contains some factual information, some activity ideas, and – usually – a tool that can be printed out for tasks during the visit.

If you need to consider the benefits of visiting and plan with colleagues, first look at the Notice to educators resource. To go deeper, download this guidance on Teaching and learning with sensitive histories. If you are ready to plan student tasks in the exhibition download the Exhibition Floorplan.

There are three routes through these resources, which you can access by clicking on the below links:

History, Geography, Citizenship, Sociology, Politics, Religious Education

English, Music, Drama, Visual Arts, Fashion, Media Studies

Social, Moral, Cultural and Spiritual (SMSC) learning, PSHE, Citizenship, a focus on values to transform the school, supporting EPQs or a special project.