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Revolutionary. Political prisoner.  World leader. Elder statesman. Symbol of the struggle against oppression. Nelson Mandela was all of these things and more. His epic story is told in a series of experiential galleries, from his rural childhood home through years of turbulent struggle against the apartheid regime, to his eventual vindication and final years as South Africa’s first black president.  His journey to becoming the ‘Father of South Africa’, and a globally loved and respected figure is explored in new, personal and revealing ways, with exclusive stories from Mandela, his family and those that knew him best. Visitors will see Mandela in a new light.


A century on from his birth, what does ‘Nelson Mandela’ mean today, in a world where inequality and injustice are still rife? The exhibition explores these difficult questions and examines his legacy. Mandela’s values and commitment to making the world a better place are just as vital now as they were during his lifetime. This is a story we can all learn from, and be inspired by.


Many of the authentic artefacts in the exhibition have never been seen outside South Africa as Mandela: The Official Exhibition is uniquely presented in collaboration with the Royal House of Mandela. Each personal posession tells its own special story and brings the visitor closer to the real Nelson Mandela.


The exhibition takes the visitor on a unique journey, using scenic recreations and immersive presentations to experience key moments in a truly remarkable life. Discover Mandela’s boyhood in the Eastern Cape, steeped in the tribal traditions that shaped him. Witness his political awakening in Johannesburg, and understand why apartheid had to be defeated – whatever the cost. Follow his remarkable ascent to global icon status, and understand how his inner strength, compassion and faith in humanity enabled him to forgive and make peace his life’s mission.
This exhibition is not a simple retelling of a familiar tale. It is a powerful and essential new exploration of a narrative that celebrates our human capacity to triumph over adversity. It is a story for now and always, unique and unmissable.